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I created this journal to encourage you, strengthen you and guide you. While on this journey, I hope that you pull out the roots of dislike within yourself and grow. I encourage you to plant the seed of God in your heart and watch the beauty within you blossom.


There are three areas of focus; self – care, creating a positive identity  and building positive relationships. This journal will cause you to replay joyful moments in your life, catch tears, be ripped up and parts will be burned; similar to life. Take time to explore and celebrate the depths of you. It is recommended that you reflect weekly. In hopes that it becomes a habit to self-reflect on your actions and how you respond to life.

Go on a journey with me, because you're stronger than you think.

Tyra established Invisible Beauty; an independently ran company focused on empowering women: to see, believe in, and understand their own beauty from within. Instilled with a passion for inspiration and empowerment, she focuses on providing women with the necessary tools to create and understand their identity, as well as building positive relationships in all aspects of their life.

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