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Building Mental Toughness
& Redefining Beauty from Within


Meet Tyra

Inner Beauty Specialist

Tyra Marie (Eiland) graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May of 2016 with her BA in Media Studies. As an avid sports fan and believer for the community, she channeled these passions in her role with the Milwaukee Bucks. Tyra’s positions during 8 seasons with the Bucks were multifaceted and she’s served in many roles. After interning in Group Sales and Community Relations, she landed her first full-time role as a Senior Coordinator within the Corporate Social Responsibility Department. She was instrumental in determining the role the team played in the Milwaukee community and statewide programs. The social impact focus areas guided the work that the Social Responsibility team partnered on.

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Teaching women how to W.I.N. with their heart and mind so they win in their life.

Signature Speaking Topics


How to W.I.N.

W.I.N. with perseverance through life's transitions.


Redefining Beauty

Redefining beauty from the inside out.


Fighting Imposter Syndrome

Defeat the battle with effective words and powerful intentions.


Leaning into Faith

Learn how to stretch out in your faith journey and stay at His feet.


Download: Media Kit

I strive to keep my audience up-to-date on the latest trends in personal development and self-improvement. Download the 2023 Media Kit to learn more about the products and services I offer and how I can help you achieve your personal, business and mental health goals.

Invisible Talks Podcast

Tune in as I share my access to invisible conversations that you may have missed or don't have access to. No names or addresses, just the details of triumph over trails.



Invisible Pieces Journal


There are three areas of focus; self – care, creating a positive identity and building positive relationships. This journal will cause you to replay joyful moments in your life, catch tears, be ripped up and parts will be burned; similar to life. Take time to explore and celebrate the depths of you. It is recommended that you reflect weekly. In hopes that it becomes a habit to self-reflect on your actions and how you respond to life.

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