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The Woman Behind Invisible Beauty

Tyra Marie (Eiland) graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May of 2016 with her BA in Media Studies. As an avid sports fan and believer for the community, she channeled these passions in her role with the Milwaukee Bucks. Tyra’s positions during 8 seasons with the Bucks were multifaceted and she’s served in many roles. Tyra’s ability to think strategically, prioritize, and see the big picture allowed her to bring light and life to all facets of the organization. Most importantly, her passion to inspire young women made her a great asset for the Milwaukee Bucks organization, as well as the Milwaukee community.


Tyra officially established Invisible Beauty in 2018, a self-run and self-driven company focused on empowering women to understand, see, and believe in their own beauty, from within. Tyra is equipped with a passion for inspiring and empowering women. Tyra focuses on providing women with the

tools to live from the inside out by redefining how they speak, think and self-reflect through her podcast, workshops and retreats.


                                                    “Our flaws, are the first faults we see in others - humble yourself and look within..”


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