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“Our flaws, are the first faults we see in others - humble yourself and look within.”

A Deeper Look...

The Woman Behind Invisible Beauty

Tyra Eiland graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May of 2016 with her BA in Media Studies. As an avid sports fan and believer for the community, she channeled these passions in her role with the Milwaukee Bucks. Tyra’s positions during 8 seasons with the Bucks were multifaceted and she’s served in many roles. After interning in Group Sales and Community Relations, she landed her first full-time role as a Senior Coordinator within the Corporate Social Responsibility Department. She was instrumental in determining the role the team played in the Milwaukee community and statewide programs. The social impact focus areas guided the work that the Social Responsibility team partnered on.


In addition, the Social Responsibility team was responsible for working in conjunction with local nonprofit organizations, key team partners and the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation, the primary channel for the Bucks’ charitable fundraising and giving. In addition to her primary responsibilities, Tyra also assisted in supporting the team’s broadcast efforts. Tyra was announced as Bucks Gaming Correspondent after the 2017-2018 Milwaukee Bucks season. She was the storyteller and face of Bucks’ Gaming, the organization’s NBA 2k team. Tyra was also the Sideline Reporter for the Milwaukee Bucks G League team, the Wisconsin Herd for the second season.


Tyra’s ability to think strategically, prioritize, and see the big picture allowed her to bring light and life to all facets of the organization. Most importantly, her passion to inspire young women made her a great asset for the Milwaukee Bucks

organization, as well as the Milwaukee community.


Tyra officially established Invisible Beauty in 2018, a self-run and self-driven company focused on empowering women to understand, see, and believe in their own beauty, from within. In 2022, she founded I am Invisible Beauty as a 501c3 to expand the reach of Tyra’s personal mission to empower women.  Tyra is building a network of changing the way women show up in the world. Her most recent venture is Invisible Stories Media. Through this medium Tyra will create content, tell stories and do what she loves most, take you on a jounrey on her podcast, Invisible Talks. Tyra is equipped with a passion for inspiring and empowering women. Tyra focuses on providing women with the tools to live from the inside out by redefining how they speak, think and self-reflect through her podcast, workshops and retreats.


Prior to working for the Bucks, Tyra competed in pageants for the Miss America organization and Miss USA. In 2014, as Miss Southern Wisconsin, Tyra competed for Miss Wisconsin and had the honor of placing 2nd Runner-Up. The following year, she went on to compete for the title of Miss Wisconsin USA 2015 and placed 1st runner-up! Throughout her reign in both programs, Tyra fostered her belief in and love for community work. This aforementioned passion led her to both her position with the Milwaukee Bucks and her desire to build her own company.

Core Values

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